I spent an entire year coaching a team of highly creative, motivated, but frustrated musicians.

They told me about their biggest fears: That they weren't getting traction in their hometowns, that they felt they were playing the wrong gigs, and that they couldn't stand hearing "no" from any more journalists, radio stations, or reviewers.

What we learned together surprised even me.

Discover how to stop worrying about "the scene" and start playing to more full venues, more often.

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Stop settling for playing just a few small gigs every year. Once you've discovered your perfect audience, use the zone booking strategy to connect with more fans, more often.

The sequel to "Grow Your Band's Audience" introduces a strategy that will accelerate your audience growth, while keeping you too busy to worry about the haters.

With a strong vision for your perfect audience and your perfect gig, you can get systematic about finding the right opportunities to expand your music career.

Yet, at this critical moment in their careers, too many musicians start listening to the wrong advice. "You're playing out too much." "You should spend more time in the studio." "You need radio adds before you can get on the road."

This book documents how you can put those voices out of your head by relying on pure data. My "Zone Booking Strategy" requires lots of legwork and a little math, designed to help you make decisions based on measurable results instead of your music scene's interpersonal drama.

Inside the book, you'll discover...

  • How you can plan a set of ten gigs that will let you drive home with $5,000, or more.
  • How a simple shift in the way you value you fans can reshape how you earn money as an artist.
  • ​Why pleading for mercy from club bookers isn't going to get you far, and what you can do to take matters into your own hands.
  • How and when you should announce new shows to maximize your audience.
  • How you can stop competing with fellow musicians and form alliances that get more real fans to your shows.

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My name's Joe, and I've been working with musicians, artists, and other creative professionals for over twenty years.

I started my career in radio, worked my way into album production, and eventually ended up managing artists and building marketing campaigns for some fantastic clients.

When I first started writing about the music business in 1999, I wanted to ensure that independent musicians could find a balance between their inspirations and the realties of a tough, commercial marketplace.

Today, spinme.com houses all of my writing and research for artists and managers who want to develop solid careers with the help of their perfect audiences.

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